futures trading

Here are the best futures trading platforms

The 8 best futures trading platforms:

  1. E*TRADE – The best futures trading platform overall
Trading Fees$1.50 per futures contract
Margin RequirementsStarting from 13.2%
Minimum Deposit$0
Trading FeesStarting from $0.35 per contract
Margin Requirements3-12% per contract
Minimum Deposit$0
Trading Fees$0.85 per contract
Margin Requirements25%
Minimum Deposit$0
  Founded  1971
Trading Fees$2.25 fee per contract (plus exchange & regulatory fees)
Margin RequirementsStarting from 12.75%
Minimum Deposit$50
Trading FeesStarting from $0.49 (for micro futures)
Margin RequirementsStarting from 2%
Minimum Deposit$100
Trading FeesSpreads start at 0.1 points (for commodities)
Margin RequirementsStarts at 0.50%
Minimum Deposit$0
  Founded  1982
Trading FeesStarting at $0.50 per micro futures
Margin RequirementsStarts at 25% 
Minimum Deposit$0
Trading FeesStars from $0.09 per contract (with Lifetime license)
Margin Requirements$50 intraday margins
Minimum Deposit$0

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